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Last updated 06 October 2021

Experienced Concrete Finisher - Tallahassee Region

Duties include:
- Leveling the top surface of freshly poured concrete on floors, walls, ceilings or sidewalks
- Operating a power vibrator to compress concrete
- Applying hardening and sealing compounds to cure the surface of concrete
- Waterproofing, damp-proofing and restoring concrete surfaces
- Installing anchor bolts, steel plates and other fixtures in freshly poured concrete
- Install, maintain and restore various masonry structures such as floors, ceilings, sidewalks and patios

Work hours are weather-dependent. There is less work available in the winter, and summer hours are often longer than the standard 40-hour week. Overtime is often required because concrete finishers cannot leave a project in the middle and return to it the next day.

You'll be expected to work safely and wear special equipment to protect against injury and COVID-19.

Call Juan Garcia at (850) 354-3873.